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Call for Abstract

Please Format the abstract according to the guidelines below

Use Microsoft Word software and type in 12 point size Times new Roman Font, with provided the submission form by 9 March 2018 (Extended) on the website. (The form can be downloaded on the website.)
To submit your abstract, you should create account on the website. The account will make you comfortable and easy for registration and submission.

Form of Presentation : by Oral Presentation or Poster (You can choose the type of presentation when you submit your abstract. And, If you want to poster, individual should make poster on your own.

Instruction for Poster Presentations
Poster printing is the responsibility of the presenter.
Each author is allotted one display board. A printed number identifying each poster board will be provided.
Poster size: A0, 1189mm (h) and 841mm (w), portrait layout
Poster display location: Convention Hall A (subject to change)
Posters must be mounted on their assigned poster board before 7:30 AM on 9 April
Poster authors are requested to be present during the 4 poster sessions on their assigned presentation day (on either 9 April, 2018 or 10 April, 2018).
Posters must remain on display throughout the duration of the meeting on 9-10 April 2018.
Poster removal: 5:30 PM. – 6:30 PM. (10 April, 2018)
Posters remaining on the poster boards after 6:30 p.m. (10 April , 2018) will be removed and discarded without further notification.
Full disclosure of conflicts of interest and the nature of the relationship(s) must be indicated on the poster. Indicate “None” if no relationships exist.

Cancellation of Poster Presentation
Please inform our conference secretariat (via: acclc2018@gmail.com) before April 1, if you are unable to join and present your poster at the ACCLC 2018 conference.

Instruction for Oral Presentations
Your presentation will last about 15 minutes followed by 5 minutes for Q&A.
Presenting authors are required to install the updated presentations into the computer prepared by the secretariat at least 15 minutes before your presentation session begins.

No product or brand name is allowed to be presented in the poster or oral presentation, Only material or generic name is allowed.

1. Scientific Paper

  • Purpose : (The research question, the issue being investigated, relevance to prior studies)
  • Methods: (How you went about investigating the research question or issue)
  • Results: (Summary of the data collected)
  • Discussion: (Importance/limitations of the results

2. Case Report

  • Presenting Signs Symptoms : (Case history)
  • Objective Measurements : (Clinical measurements taken)
  • Assessment : (Clinical impression gained from the signs/symptoms and clinical measurements
  • Case Management Plan : (Steps taken to solve the clinical problem)
  • Discussion : (Importance/limitations of what the case tells you)
  • Please note that no graphs, images or tables should be included in your abstract.
  • Receipt of abstracts will be acknowledged. Written notification for acceptance of abstract will be made within one month after abstract submission. Notification of rejection will also be made.
  • The Committee reserves the right to publish the accepted abstracts in the official publications of the Conference.
  • For each abstract, at least one author is expected to attend the Conference. Presenting authors must register for the Conference on the website by 15 March 2018.
  • All presenters must register for the Conference before Committee proceeds to schedule your presentation.